Below you’ll find the love stories of our couples, each is different, each is unique. We are lucky to be in the business of love, being present during a couple’s wedding is a privilege and the people we have met through the years hold great fondness in our hearts. Nothing give us greater satisfaction than being chosen to capture the most important day in people’s lives, we love telling your stories and hope to do it for many years to come. Thank you.

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Film is magic, film is art.

What distinguishes us is our extraordinary attention to detail and the creative work. We specialise in creating modern, creative wedding films.Β We do our work discreetly to capture the real-life emotions. Our goal is to tell the true story of your relationship and wedding day.

At JM Video Studio we operate discretely in order to capture natural footage, without guests feeling uncomfortable around the camera. Our films are real, they entertain and evoke emotional responses. We always try to reflect the unique atmosphere, feelings and emotions prevailing on the wedding day. Our films are captured using cameras with interchangeable optics, which allows us to create a cinematic production.