We Are JM Video Studio


Love is infectious and feeds into our everyday thoughts and emotions, wedding videography for us is not simply a means of making an income. JM Video Studio began as a dream for husband and wife team Mario and Joanna.

Weddings are days in which moods sway from moment to moment, much like a kaleidoscope. In the room there is predominantly joy and affection but also tension and anxiety, it is a day rich in emotion that together create a beautiful, romantic story.

Our goal is to tell your original story in an engaging way, illustrating a wealth of feelings and events. Capturing places, costumes, decoration and everything that makes a wedding unique. Both the films and photographs we make can be characterized by ascetic simplicity, we focus on elegance to create timeless footage to be enjoyed for many years to come.


My Name is Mario


Welcome to our website, my name is Mario and I am Head of Wedding Videography at JM Video Studio. Just a quick introduction to my background and experience, everyone in life is searching for something to fulfil them, a passion that can be pursued and developed. Mine is film and photography.

As I child I did not run around the neighbourhood with a camera around my neck, I was more interested in walking on trees, playing ball and riding my bike. However, that all changed when I bought my first camera, I noticed film and imagery affected my emotions and that of others.

During my photoshoot routine I direct and more importantly I observe, waiting for the perfect moment. For me, the most important thing about film and photography is truth and beauty, please feel free to browse our past work or contact me if you have any questions regarding your wedding day.


We'd Love to Hear From You


We are now taking bookings, if you have any questions regarding our services, availability or anything else please get in touch. We are more than happy to help, we know organising you wedding can be a stressful time.